Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Great Deal on gDiaper Starter kits plus 1 Extra pant

So, I wanted to get some more gDiapers, but the prices of anything but the starter kits were too much. I found this website called Gaiam. It is a green company that sells all kinds of green stuff. Well, they have gDiaper refills (for way too much compared to everywhere else) and gDiaper Starter kits plus. Mr Rebates is giving 10% back, plus has a coupon code to get you free shipping or 15% off. The gDiapers starter kit is on sale for $34.99 and includes 3 gPants, 10 refills, 6 liners, and a swish stick. Great deal given that you get an extra pair of pants, which on gDiapers.com would cost you $16.99, plus the extra liners, which are $4.99 for two on gDiapers.com. Hurry before it's too late.

By the way, the link to Gaiam's gDiapers is http://www.gaiam.com/product/apparel/baby/diapers/gdiapers--8482-+starter+kit+-+extra+pant.do?search=basic&keyword=gdiapers&sortby=bestSellers&page=1

Mr. Rebates

I just started doing a lot of online shopping since I am getting into cloth diapering and you can't get the items you need at a local store. Plus it is hard with the cold and my legs hurting so badly from being hit by a car to take two little kiddos out to the store. So, I found mrrebates.com, which gave me $5 just for signing up. Then I started buying stuff I would have bought normally, like a diapers.com order and got 1% back. Next I found drugstore.com where you get $10 off your first $50 purchase, plus free shipping, plus 9% cash back through Mr Rebates. Now I'm loving it and you will too. I am shopping and getting discounts as well. Give it a try. Please use my email address as your referral. It's j.king72@comcast.net.

Great Huggies Diaper Deal at Walgreen's

So, have you printed the $5 off on a Huggies gentle care product or the $3 off on a Huggies Natural Fit product? If not, now's the time to head over to http;//www.coupons.com and http://www.redplum.com. You can print two of each at each website, so that's 8 coupons total.

After that head to Walgreens where you can buy 3 jumbo packs of Huggies diapers for $30 minus the three $5 coupons equals $15 and you'll get $10 back in Register Rewards.

The Crest toothpaste is also a good deal at $2.49 minus a $1 manufacturers coupon, plus you get $1 in Register Rewards.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Great Diaper Deals on gDiaper Starter kits, Huggies, Pampers, and More

I want to start off by saying that drugstore.com's prices are not all that great to start with, but when you get free shipping on any order of $25 or more, plus $5 off a $30 order or $10 off a $50 order, then it is great! To top it all off, mrrebates.com is giving you 9% back on orders at drugstore.com. You have to open a mrrebates account if you haven't already. I just did it a few weeks ago and boy is it paying off. I got $5 for joining, plus $2.98 for my Children's place order of Spring clothes for the boys.

So say you want to buy Pampers Cruisers, they are $12.99 for a jumbo pack. Size 3 you get 35 diapers. Four packs at $12.99 equals $51.96- $10 (for spending $50 or more)= $41.96. That's before the 9% reward from MR Rebates and the 5% cash back in drugstore dollars.

The deals on Huggies are even better because then you get extra $ off. Like buy a box of Huggies Supreme size 2's (132 ct) at $33.99 -$5= $28.99/ 132= .22 cents per diaper, but that's before the 9% Mr Rebates Reward or taking into account the drug store dollars, which is $1.70 on this item.

They've also got the g-diapers for $14.49 a refill and $28.19 for the starter kits. Buy two starter kits and they're $46 before the 9% rebate.