Thursday, August 13, 2009

Great Deal on Muttaquin fitted diapers (all sizes)

So here's the deal. Buy any three Muttaquin diapers get 1 free simply by putting in the code buy3get1

The website is:

To find the diapers that are in stock simply click on the left tab where it says Instock. There you will find many different sizes of cloth diapers. I love these diapers so much that last night I bought 4 and got 2 free. I bought three newborn and three of their 3 step rise also known as 3sr. I can't wait to get to use them on our new babygirl who is due January 3, 2010, but I am almost certain will be a December baby.

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The Paulk's said...

Hi Shannon!! I don't know if you check your blog much but I haven't heard from you in a while and I thought I'd say hi! Also have you had your baby yet?? I'm anxious to hear how you are doing. I hope you are well and had a wonderful Christmas!!